The DisplayMax team just returned from the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. As a first time exhibitor, it was an eye opening experience. There are many innovative and unique products that your typical hardware store carries for the convenience of their customers. With the onslaught of the big box retailers in the market, they must stock these types of products to compete and stay ahead.

Counter Topper

Innovative POP Sells!

However, just because a product is innovative and unique doesn’t mean it will be properly merchandised at point of purchase. From the examples we saw at the show, there are a lot of really bad POP displays attempting to sell and competing for the customer’s attention. Product manufacturers are producing many bland one and two color merchandisers and counter toppers to promote their goods. With the proliferation and advantages of full-color digital printing on corrugated board, there is no need to be so bland.

By it’s nature, a POP display is supposed to grab a shopper’s attention and stop them for a split second. It’s job is to get into their head so the products it contains is at least considered as a purchasing option. The example in the photo above does just does that with color and a stepped design.

Bad POP is often a waste of  space and money. If it doesn’t lift your product sales, it isn’t working. And we believe that this travesty must stop!

The Turn-Key Display System is the perfect antidote for bad POP displays…check it out here.