Retail industry sources estimate that up to 50 percent of all point-of-purchase (POP) materials produced for in-store promotions never reach the customer. This problem costs retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers millions of dollars every year. To combat this issue, DisplayMax Merchandising Services and Landaal Packaging Systems have teamed up to offer an innovative approach that is designed to improve POP display program performance. We call it our turn-key solution for retail point of purchase displays.

This new approach is called the Turn-Key Display System. The benefit of this program is that it provides clients an end-to-end solution for their in-store promotional initiatives. Our focus is to ensure that well-crafted POP displays are reaching the sales floor and engaging the customers.

We help clients execute all aspects of the program from design and printing to fulfillment and delivery, to installation and follow-up maintenance at the store. Our goal is to produce high-quality displays and achieve 100% execution compliance at all scheduled stores so the promotion has an opportunity to work.

Turn-key solution for retail point of purchase displaysFrom our experience in retail merchandising, we recognized there is a significant problem with execution compliance of POP displays. Many never make it to the sales floor because store management doesn’t have time or motivation to install them, or they are unaware it was scheduled to arrive. A large number of displays are simply thrown into the trash and written off as wasted marketing dollars. This is where our turn-key solution for retail point of purchase displays program comes in.

The Turn-Key Display System eliminates this issue by providing in-store installation as well as the creative design and production services. The team at Landaal Packaging provides the expertise and production services for the displays and DisplayMax merchandising teams install them and maintain them in-store.

Developing an in-store promotional merchandising campaign can be very complex. This system is a seamless approach that considers all the possible choke points of successful program execution. We address the critical areas where many programs fail before the displays are delivered to the store. Bringing together the expertise of our two companies will provide retailers and CPG companies a resource that will increase their compliance rate and raise sell-through of their programs.

The program will be introduced at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV on May 6-8, 2014. Marketing and merchandising executives can visit booth #8060, fill the form below, or visit to learn more about this comprehensive solution for POP display merchandising.