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Gondola Shelving: Functional, Versatile, and a Highly Profitable Part of Your Store

Gondola shelving is the easy-to-install way to maximize the flow of your store with the ability to change your shelving configuration at almost any time. If you have a grocery, hardware or convenience store, DisplayMax has the wide assortment of gondola shelving, sizes, and colors from which to choose.

Gondola ShelvingWe are proud to feature and stock a huge warehouse of store fixtures from Lozier, the best supplier of gondola shelving and fixtures in the marketplace. You’ll be amazed how the right combination of accessories added to your gondola shelving increase your shelving display flexibility.

Gondola fixtures are island shelving displays that will do these three things at once:

  1. Easily suggest products to your customers,
  2. Showcase products that customers didn’t know existed
  3. Add to the joy of your customer’s in-store experience. Awesome.

Gondola shelving is the heart and soul of your store merchandising. They are  the guideposts throughout your store that creates aisles, islands, and monuments which customer use to navigate through your store. When integrated into a well-conceived store floor plan, gondola shelving can be utilized to control what you want to sell. Everyone knows the function of an endcap gondola unit is to feature a product that stimulates an impulse buy. But how many of us are still drawn into the purchase?

Gondola Island Retail Store DisplayYou know, standard gondola shelving holds 500 pounds of inventory. Many times the key to better in-store sales is having the right amount of product on each shelf. What this means is you can stock a wide variety of merchandise across your product lines in larger quantities. This minimizes the need for restocking and encourages your customers to serve themselves.

Simply put, whether you are having a total location remodel or are simply refreshing your gondola shelving, DisplayMax can help you. We have executed over 150 retail store remodels in many different industries including welding supply, drywall yards, convenience stores and roofing supply branches.

Our skilled team of designers and installers can lead you through the entire store remodel process from site surveys, floor layout design, fixture selection, sales counter design and project construction. We typically turn around your in about a week with very little to no down time..and that includes merchandising.

Contact the DisplayMax Fixture experts today to learn more – 517-545-5540.

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