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A Convenience Store Remodel Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune or Require You to Shutdown Your Store for Three to Four Weeks

A convenience store remodel can be intimidating? When was the last time you remodeled the sales floor or replaced your store fixtures of your convenience store? Is it looking a little worn and dated? If you are like most store owners, you desire to change the appearance of your store to improve sales but lack the time to plan, manage and execute such a project. Worse yet, a major remodel means closing your doors for several weeks, forcing customer to shop at your competitors, disrupting your sales and destroying your income.

The Challenges of a Full Store Remodel

Convenience Store Remodel | DisplayMaxFirst, the cost of a full store remodel is not cheap. According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (, the average cost of a store remodel is $409,582. When you add in the lost sales if you close your doors during a remodel you are facing a significant investment.

Very few c-stores can afford losing customers. You operate in a very competitive market where loyalty is tough to earn. The last thing you want to do is give competitors a chance to steal your customers. This issue alone can keep you from committing to a major store improvement project.

Another challenge you will face is creating an effective design and floor plan for your store. Like redecorating your home, there are so many choices you will need to make. These decisions will affect your sales and profitability for many years to come. You must choose wisely. But, who can you turn to for help and expertise?

After you select a design concept and floor plan, you must then source all the materials your customers will see including gondola shelving, store fixtures, counters, and décor package. You will then need to find an experienced contractor you can trust to execute the work. Finding the most reliable sources is critical and requires a great deal of research, organization, and commitment.

You get the idea, there are many choices to consider and decisions to weigh. But take heart, improving your store doesn’t need to cost a fortune or require you to shut down your store and kill your income.

We have a solution: we call it the DisplayMax Store Refresh Program.

A Turn-key Store Refresh Instead of Full Store Remodel

What’s the difference between a refresh and a remodel? A store refresh consists of only cosmetic changes on elements that engage the customer including store fixtures, gondola shelving, checkout counters, beverage/coffee stations, flooring, walls and décor graphics. These items typically don’t require a permit or inspections. A full scale remodel with altering or adding walls, changing electrical or moving plumbing requires architects, engineers, inspectors, and permits which add significant costs to the project.

At DisplayMax, we have refreshed hundreds of retail store interiors. With this experience, we have developed a six-step, turn-key program that helps execute major interior improvements which cost a fraction of the industry average and do it quickly without shutting you down.

Our team of retail experts executes every facet of your project from design, planning, material selection, construction, and ongoing maintenance. This includes sourcing and supplying you with store shelving, gondola shelving, sales counters, décor, and product merchandising.

Typically, we can execute a convenience store remodel in 7 to 10 days and keep your store open for business the entire time!

You see, we work during overnight hours when you are closed or customer traffic is at its lowest. Each step of our Store Refresh Program is closely coordinated with you to create an efficient, workable plan which focuses on keeping you operating, maintaining customers and making sales.

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