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Industrial Supply Stores

Trust DisplayMax For Industrial Supply Store Gondola & Shelving

Floor Island Gondola ShelvingFixtures and gondola shelving for industrial supply stores are our specialty!

We have been supplying store fixtures and sales counters for industrial supply stores throughout the entire country. There is one thing we have learned – rarely are two stores in the same company ever alike.

The fact is that many industrial supply stores are an afterthought to the main product being offered. It’s no secret that drywall supply yards focus on selling truckloads of board and mud, welding stores look to sell pallets of gases, and the roofing supply stores want to move pallets underlayment and shingles. However, the retail store in front of the warehouse is where extra profits can be found.

Improving customer experience is not a top priority when the store relies on a few counter people to do all the work. Many industrial supply stores suffer from neglect and have beat up old shelving with 2″ of dust on them. But there is a great deal of opportunity to increase the size of every customer transaction and it all begins with proper store fixtures and shelving.

Home Improvement Store ShelvingAt DisplayMax, our goal is not to just to sell you a bunch of shelves and gondola. It is to help you increase your business and reach higher profitability by improving the shopping experience of your customers.

We achieve this by supplying you high quality retail fixtures and gondola from Lozier on three different colors – platinum, black charcoal, and silver gray.

We also supply customize sales counters, quality slat wall, signage and all the accessories that you will need to boost your sales. Take the first step and contact our fixture consultants today to discuss your store and your vision to sell more products.

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