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Store Fixtures

Selecting the Right Store Fixtures and Shelving is Critical to Engaging Your Customers

When it’s time to make the important decision for your store fixtures, shelving, and displays we’d love to partner and help you make your stores more profitable. There is no doubt, choosing the right fixtures is critical to engaging your customers and building a successful retail store.

Store Shelving for Retail StoresUnfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for store fixtures. Gondola height, color, base deck size, shelf depth, backing board, and even peg hook length all matter to the overall effectiveness of your selling environment. If your current gondolas are a mixture of mismatched units, your sales could be suffering.

You see, when you understand how to create greater customer engagement with the right kind of store fixtures, amazing results happen in your business.

Consider all of the available choices you must make when refreshing your grocery, hardware or convenience store – fixture style, fixture type, height, color, base deck size, shelf size, number of shelves, product weight, location, mobility, maintenance, cleaning, and many others. Too often fixtures are specified and purchased with little foresight into how they will be used not only today but five to ten years from now.

Your fixtures should work together and must coordinate with all other elements of your store including walls, floors, and display units. Not only do they create a backdrop that defines your brand but lets your products to visually pop and grab the customer’s attention.

Always remember, the ultimate purpose of your gondola and shelving is to place your products front-and-center of the customer. Here are a few important fundamentals to consider when choosing store gondola and shelving:

  • Coordinate style, color, and texture to create a cohesive look
  • Shelves must be able to handle product weight and size
  • Slatwall provides more display options and handles more weight than peg board
  • Select units that allow versatility for product stock changes and resets
  • Maintain at least three feet of pathway space between units to meet ADA requirements
  • Consider how your shelving will accommodate a variety of vendor displays

Now, this is only a partial list of factors you need to think about. There is also product mix, available space, customer flow, checkout counter integration and much more. Choosing the wrong store fixtures can frustrate your merchandising capabilities for many years to come.

DisplayMax Can Help You Select the Right Store Fixtures

At DisplayMax, we are here to help you navigate all the choices you face and supply you with quality Lozier store fixtures that work for your sales floor.

Convenience Store Fixtures installed during store refreshKnowing and understanding the nuance of selecting store fixtures reveals the how and why your store is successful or not so successful. At DisplayMax we love sharing with you how you can make your stores more shoppable with the right store fixtures, shelving and displays.

Knowledge is Power!

Any one can sell you cheap store fixtures that look good for a short time. At DisplayMax Fixtures, we focus on the big picture subject – generating more sales with logical  store layout, the best store fixtures and proper merchandising concepts . These three areas will save you time, money, unnecessary hassles and headaches for many years to come!

Taking advantage of these smart business ideas you’ll easily grasp how to update your location to a more successful and thriving business.

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