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Slatwall Panel:
More Product Selection + Better Space Usage = Maximum Revenues

You own retail locations that you would like to offer a stronger selection of products, perform better in sales per square foot or eliminate dead space, right? A highly effective solution is a quality slatwall panels for your gondola and shelving system.

A well-designed system of custom slatwall panels and slatwall fixtures gives you more creative options in your store. At DisplayMax, our experience, imagination and success stories will help take your vision and deliver it at the highest levels of performance.

A run of slat wall gives you the opportunity to display a wide variety of products within a category. Slat wall can be the answer to turning dead corners into profitable floor space without spending a lot of money. Slat wall comes in a variety of colors and textures that draw customers to your products. Do you need to display clothing that grabs your customer's eye? Slat wall panels are the solution. Using slat wall for gondola backing opens up a world of merchandising opportunities.

To increase sales, slat wall can be used for displaying brochures and impulse items in customer waiting areas.

You can use slat wall for product samples or even as useful decoration for you offices.


You’ll transform plain walls of your convenience store or industrial supply outlet into a shopper’s paradise with many more choices.

You’ll love the engineered slatwall products for stock and custom panels and slatwall fixtures. These slatwall units are 50% stronger than the standard MDF and provide the best performance on the market. They also come in many different combination of patterns, textures and colors. We can also finish the slats with metal inserts, vinyl colored inserts or simply paint the grooves black.

Slat wall panels beats traditional peg board hands down. If you have ever inserted a hook into peg board and then hung product on it that has a little weight, you’ve probably have heard that annoying, muffled pop. That only means one thing…compromised peg board. Maybe your next choice should be slat wall.

What slatwall shelving do you think will work best for you? Call 810-494-0400 now and we’ll help you decide.