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Sales Counter

Engage Your Customers with Quality Sales Counters

Customized Sales CountersCan choosing the right retail sales counters positively impact your sales? Absolutely.

The sales counter is the point of purchase for your customer and the works station for your employees. They are a critical component of your showroom layout and your merchandising design. They must inform potential customers what merchandise is available and need to successfully complete the transaction with the customer. The most effective store design guides customer traffic flow to this final destination of the customer’s visit.

Any retail establishment, from convenience stores to industrial supply houses need a sales counter to successfully operate. DisplayMax Fixtures can help you develop the counters you need.

We can help you design a sales counter that is functional and durable in the sales environment. We can create a modular system that considers how the customer shops and interacts with your counter sales person. Our design partners understand the retail sales process and can develop a practical solution for your in-store challenges.

Not looking for a custom sales counter. We also distribute stock counters from Lozier. They supply a wide range of options that integrate with their sales fixtures giving you a wide array of merchandising options.

Contact the DisplayMax team to discuss your sales counter needs and we will help develop a solution that maximizes your store’s sales potential. Call 810-494-0400 or click the button below to tell us about your needs.