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Display Counters

Choose from a Wide Range of  Display Counters

Display Case CountersDoes your merchandising mix include the need to prominently display jewelry, collectibles, electronics or tools but require security? A glass display counters is the best solution for you. These point of sale counter provide flexibility of a 360° view of the merchandise and face to face interaction with the customer.

Many display counter designs have adjustable glass shelves, pull-out drawers, extra storage space, and locking cabinets. Some of the glass cases feature a frameless design which allows for a 360° view of the displayed merchandise.

Quality display counters are available in a variety of finishes: natural, cherry and black. They are also available in an all glass designs with seamless edges. You can choose from display counter in 24″, 36″ or 72″ widths to fit your showroom space.

Customers naturally associate the quality of the products with how it is displayed. A clean, classy look of a display counter is a great way to engage customers and sell more of your high-end merchandise.

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