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Retail Counter

Your Retail Counter:
The Launch Pad for Sales Success and Profitability

Your retail counter is where the action is…

Retail Counter - Industrial Supply StoreFrom the first impression coming in to the last out the door, your sales counters are one of the major keys to making a favorable and lasting experience with your customers. You want them to come back soon and over and over again, adding to their customer lifetime value don’t you?

Have you ever thought about the real purpose of your retail counter? It is to actively market to your customer while they are waiting in line to pay for what they have already purchased. If you have an effective retail counter, you are generating your highest profit margin sales around it. It’s all about creating high transaction value with every customer and your retail counter is where you do this.

DisplayMax takes this portion of your business very seriously and can help you achieve greater customer transaction value by designing an effective retail counter. Our know-how and experience will help you make your retail counters the place where selection, customer service and sales and up sells come together to produce profitable transactions.

Yep, cutting corners using just any general contractor (or your brother-in-law) to build your counters could be a costly mistake. We have been in the retail services business for over 25 years and know about creating a store environment.

Retail Counter with candy rack underneathThink about it, general contractors do not have the industry experience to be as successful with retail installations. Why? Because, there is no fudge factor in designing and building sales counters, the set-up of the fixtures needs to be precise. And, retail counters should work together with all the other fixtures and displays to provide a profitable flow.

And, know THIS: A new sales counter will make a significant impact in your customer’s shopping experience and productivity of your employee’s too.

We can build your counters to the specific details of your location, perfect match of colors, logos and branding elements, storage, shelving, drawers and everything else. Each and every sales tool will be are readily available, wired exactly right for your IT Networking, landline phones and electrical outlet requirements.

Last year alone, DisplayMax helped over many retailers design and install more their checkout counters and displays. We’d love to help you too. Give us a call now: 810-494-0400.