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Gondola Accessories

Gondola Accessories and Shelving Units to Merchandise Your Products

clothing hooksSo you have purchased the gondola accessories and shelving units. Now, how do you display them on the fixtures so customers are more likely to buy them?

Let DisplayMax fixtures help you with this challenge.

We have a complete line of gondola and shelving accessories that allow you to properly merchandise the unique needs of product packaging and maximize customer engagement.

Below is a partial list of the items we supply:

  • Sign Holders & Easels
  • Cardholders
  • Grid And Mini Grid Panels
  • Slatgrid Panels
  • Grid Hooks
  • Hanging Forms & Accessories
  • H-Racks
  • Z-Rack And Accessories
  • Bagging Racks
  • Casters And Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Standards
  • Brackets & Accessories
  • Super Heavy Duty Standards,
  • Square Tube Accessories
  • Rectangular Tubing& Accessories
  • Round Tubing & Accessories
  • Shelf Rests, Cushions & Supports
  • Shoe Fitting Stools & Mirrors
  • Counter Top Stands, Bases & Risers
  • Slatwall Accessories
  • Shelves And Baskets
  • Slatwall Hooks
  • Bagging Guns & Needles
  • Shelves
  • Glass Shelves
  • Many others!

Don’t see it listed above? We can find it for you. We have many resources to choose from to find exactly what you need for that special product display. Contact the fixture experts at Displaymax to find out more and request our accessories catalog. Call 810-494-0400 or click on this link for more information.